1. The Living World : Adaptations and Classification 7th 1st Term

7th Std topic 1 Living world : Adaptation and Classification : objective and question and answer.

Q. 1 fill in the blanks

PAGE 1,2. 1] a great variety of plants and animals is found on the earth. 2] Some plants having colourful flower 3]some Plants are very tiny they are called Microscopic plant. 4]  Some plants are very huge in size they are called macroscopic plant. 5]  some animal having vertebral column they are called vertebrate animal 6]  some animal does not having vertebral column they are called invertebrate animal. 7] Devdar and Pine are Snowy region plants. 8] In the desert Plant-like acacia ( babul ) and cactus are to be found. 9]Gradual changes occur in the body parts and also in the behaviour to their surrounding such changes are called Adaptation. 10] Animal who live on land are called Terrestrial Animals. 11]  Animal who live in water are called Aquatic Animals. 12] Animal who live in water as well as on land are called Amphibian animals. 13] Coniferous trees like Deodar and pine flourish in the Snowy region.

page 1,2.

14] Plants of snowy region mainly include coniferous like Deodar and pine. 15] In the heavy snowfall and extreme cold in this region dear a conical shaped prevent the snow from the accumulating on the tree. 16] A variety of plant trees shrubs and Herbs are found in the Forest. 17] Spring like tendril on the stem of some climber is an example of adaptation 18] Fibrous root of grass prevent the soil erosion. 19] Vast meadows you are found in hilly areas as well as plain. 20]Plant life Deodar (cuscuta) are parasitic plants . 21] Fishes having scales on the skin. 21] The eyes are below the forehead on the either side of the head. 22] Desert animal have a thick skin to prevent loss of water from the body. 23] Spindle shaped body of bird also minimise the resistance of air while flying in the sky 24] With hollow bones a body covering of feather and modification of forelegs into Wings dear body is light in weight and adapted for flying. 25] Insects can fly with two pairs of wings and and also walk with six stick like leaves.

Q.2 Match the pairs :

a] According to habitat:

Group A Group B a] Lotus i ] Desert region animal

b] Camel ii ] aquatic animal

c] Fish iii ] Adapted to live in water.

ANSWER ” a]-ii Colourful b] r -Rajasthan c] –


7th Std topic 1 Living world : Adaptation and Classification : objective and question and answer

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