10th science Part -I from topic 1to 10

1. Gravitation

10 science-2 Topic 1 Gravitation Maharashtra boarad solution question and answer.

  Q. 1. Textbook activity question      1. Will the direction of the gravitational force change as we go inside the earth? Ans The direction of earth’s gravitational force is towards the center of earth so it will not change. 2. Is there a gravitational force between two objects kept on a table or […]

2. Periodic Classification of Element

Maharashtra Borad Solutions for Class 10 Science part-1 Chapter 2 Periodic Classification Of Elements

 Q.1. Textbook activity question    1] Write the molecular formulae of oxides of the following elements by referring to the Mendeleev’s periodic Na, Si, Ca, C, Rb, P, Ba, Cl, Sn, Ca Element Molecular formula Element Molecular formula Na Na2O P P2O5 Si SiO2 Ba BaO Ca CaO Cl Cl2O7 C CO2 Sn SnO2 Rb […]

10th science Part -I 2. Periodic Classification of Element

MCQ on 10 science part -1 Topic-2 periodic Classification of elements MCQ

1 ) Elements are classified as …………… A ) Metals B ) Non-metals C ) Metalloids D ) All of the above Ans D ) All of the above 2 ) Which is odd among the following ? A ) Li B ) Sr C ) K D ) Na Ans B ) Sr 3 […]

10th science Part -I 5. Heat

MCQ solutions for Science and Technology Part 1 chapter 5 – Heat

1) The heat energy absorbed at constant temperature by unit mass of a solid to convert into liquid is called…………… . A ) Specific latent heat of fusion B ) Specific latent heat of vaporization Ans A ) Specific latent heat of fusion 2 ) Different substances have different melting points but same boiling points. […]