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7th Std topic 1 Living world : Adaptation and Classification : objective and question and answer. Class 10 Science &Tech. Part 1 Chapter 1 Gravitation 7th std Topic -1 Living world adaptation and their classification part-1,2,3,4,5. Chemistry radicles : Acidic radicle and Basic Radicale Natural Resource – Air, Water and Land Topic -1 Part -1st Heredity and Evolution Topic-1, Part-2nd Notes, Question-answer Maharashtra State board by PHD Science Standard 9th भारतीय रसायनशास्त्र : एक रहस्य (भारतीय रसायन शास्त्राचा इतिहास ) 6th topic-1 Natural Resources Air, Water, Land (AIR)

6th topic-1 Natural Resources Air, Water, Land (AIR)

All living things on the earth are associated with air, water and land. Air, water and land are called the earth’s atmosphere, hydrosphere and lithosphere, respectively. Moreover, different living things occupy these three spheres of the earth. Biosphere.:These living things and therefore